6. In the moments you feel you can't go on, do something physical

if rocks could talk - meet sylvia-rose Nov 23, 2021
When you feel you can't go on do something physical

Don't you find some days harder than others to get out of bed? The only way to change anything is to force yourself to take a different action and that can be really challenging.

Hi, I am Janet Jones, founder of Happiness Millionaire. I have recently started talking to a rock! This helps me navigate the next chapter of my life, the chapter without my 22-year-old son, Murray. The Rock's name is Sylvia-Rose. To learn more about how and why we met, read the first blog - 'If Rocks Could Talk, meet Sylvia-Rose'. 
Our chat, on the 13th Nov 2021, about taking the best actions when you feel you can't go on.
Jan - You are going to have to wear different clothes, Sylvia-Rose. All the pictures look the same.
SR - I looked different this morning when the sun came up.
Jan - You would have been underwater. It was a beautiful sunrise. I wanted to make it but the tide was in.
SR - The top of me poked out while the waves lapped around me and the sun gave me its golden kiss. Sorry you missed it.
Jan - I climbed back in bed. I kept promising myself I would get up soon and do my exercise app. I didn’t. The time passed. The Park run starts outside my house. I told myself I could make that! I would have to get up though. Time passed.
SR - You got up eventually.
Jan - I did. Every step was an effort. Some days life feels so heavy, especially when I am on my own. I am responsible for my own energy, no one to connect with. I know to keep going. Each step got me closer to the park run. What was weird, though, was I felt scared of being with strangers. I feel disjointed. Life isn’t connected. The dots aren’t joined.
SR - I can only imagine.
Jan - I could never have imagined this before Murray died. It is impossible to know this. I know it now. I also know you can’t stay in this state. That is why I forced myself to do the park run.
SR - Well done.
Jan - That is what everyone said on the run. If only they knew. There was a guy in a wheelchair doing it. I would imagine he had to make a big effort to get there too. I think everyone did well. It is so much easier NOT to make an effort. What is the point in that though?
SR - Precisely. Do what is hard and what is hard becomes easy. Keep going, my friend. Keep going.
Jan - It felt like a monumental fight with my spirit to make it happen. Which comes first, your body moving or your spirit. They seem to work together either in achievement or avoidance!
SR - That is a really good question. Like the chicken and egg thing. Mmmm.... what did you need to do first?
Jan - I needed to take the physical action of getting out of bed, then the physical action of getting my running clothes on. It felt like I was aware of every move. I wrote a list of all the small things I achieved and said ‘well done’ to myself. I think I was trying to cheer up my spirit. A pat on the back. A high five!
SR - I think you answered your own question. You must take physical action first. Even if you don’t want to and you didn’t want to. How do you feel now?
Jan - I am not jumping around with joy but I do feel lighter, happier. Time for me to get on with the rest of my day.
SR - What are you going to do with the gift of this day?
Jan - I am going to appreciate it and smile 😊 Thanks for the chat. Action is the number one thing to do. I will remember that. See you tomorrow. Xx
SR - Have a great day. You are already winning!! Here is a Rock high five!! 🙌


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