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Janet is a Happiness Expert and Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor committed to changing Mental Health to Happiness Health. She is the author of the book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life and creator of Happiness to Achieve Happiness at a glance.

Inspired by the unexpected suicide of her father on October 29th, 1994, followed by her breakdown six years later, she has been obsessed with happiness, what it is, where it comes from, and how you keep it. Now she is driven by passion to help others discover a better way to live a happy and fulfilled life. Because we only get one each.

July 2000 - Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining, in that moment she realised she could no longer handle the way her life was, on her own. It was time to call the doctors for help. No doubt if she had, she would have been given antidepressant pills instantly, as she was so desperate. 

However, the post had arrived first and she picked up this leaflet from the top of the mail. Can you imagine how these words made her feel? 'Achieve The Impossible And Breakthrough To An Extraordinary And Fulfilling Life.'

She read them and realised that was what she wanted, not to take her life or to become an antidepressant statistic. Knowing she had work to do, she listened and learned and practiced every minute until her life changed. Suddenly, she was no longer taking her children to school and hiding back in bed for the rest of the day because she didn't want to be with herself.

Through the information in this booklet, she was sent on a journey into discovering the power of positive thinking.

Sept 2001 - Within one year, Janet had raised over £4k for disadvantaged children and hiked to Machu Picchu. When she returned she decided to fulfil a lifetime ambition of becoming a professional photographer by achieving a BA Honours in Photography, signing up for her Photography Degree April 2005

In 2010, the Napoleon Hill Foundation, contacted Janet to write about her story of achievement in the book The Path To Riches and to illustrate it with images of the classic thirteen principles to happiness and success in the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

This opportunity changed Janet's life completely and took her on a journey to becoming an award winning speaker/trainer for the Women Inspiring Women Award and creator of her own online training programs plus live events. December 2011, Happiness Millionaire Ltd was born.

As a speaker, Janet has met and worked with, Bob Proctor, Robert G Allen, Richard Branson, Tony Robins, Sharon Lechter and many more amazing people. 

June 2013 saw Janet step back from running courses so that she could give everything she had to writing her book. The book regularly receives great reviews about her honesty and the power behind the teachings. Bravely, she shares her incredible story of overcoming the adversity of her father taking his life, divorce and coming through depression to living a truly extraordinary and fulfilled life.  If you are looking for inspiration, Janet's book is a MUST READ. Check out the Amazon reviews and decide for yourself.

March 20th 2017, International Happiness Day, Janet launched her book. Click Here for more details.

Rise - Fall - and Rise Again

Just when you think you have made it and broken through to success, things can change on a hairpin.

The Thing You Dread Most As A Parent

Sadly, for Janet, she has experienced the worst thing that can happen to a parent and that is the death of her lovely son, Murray, just age 22 years. 

It was an ordinary day, the sun shone, she went walking with her daughter and watched Wimbledon men's final. It was July 14th 2019. She had no idea that her day would end in tragedy.

'Was everything I have ever taught about happiness correct?'


As Janet's world came crashing in, she began to wonder if everything she had ever learned, taught and written about Happiness was correct. How would it help her now?

Janet has recently returned to her Happiness Millionaire work, after an eight-month break while she reassessed. 

'This is timeless information and all I taught and have written about is helping to make me stronger and to emerge into the new me.' 

It's time to rise....


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