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Janet is a Happiness Expert committed to changing Mental Health to Happiness Health. She is the author of the Amazon 5-Star rated book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H And Powerful Life. And the creator and producer of Janet Jones TV, where you will find Happy Food and Happy Conversation. PLUS the designer of a beautiful stylish handbag that will help you Eat Better, Feel Better and Live Better.

Inspired by the unexpected suicide of her father on October 29th 1994, followed by her breakdown six years later, she has been obsessed with happiness, what it is, where it comes from and how you keep it. Now she is driven by passion to help others discover a better way to live a happy and fulfilled life. Because we only get one each.

July 2000 - Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining, in that moment she realised she could no longer handle the way her life was, on her own. It was time to call the doctors for help. No doubt if she had, she would have been given antidepressant pills instantly, as she was so desperate. 

However, the post had arrived first and she picked up this leaflet from the top of the mail. Can you imagine how these words made her feel? 'Achieve The Impossible And Breakthrough To An Extraordinary And Fulfilling Life.'

She read them and realised that was what she wanted, not to take her life or to become an antidepressant statistic. Knowing she had work to do, she listened and learned and practiced every minute until her life changed. Suddenly, she was no longer taking her children to school and hiding back in bed for the rest of the day because she didn't want to be with herself.

Through the information in this booklet, she was sent on a journey into discovering the power of positive thinking.

Sept 2001 - Within one year, Janet had raised over £4k for disadvantaged children and hiked to Machu Picchu. When she returned she decided to fulfil a lifetime ambition of becoming a professional photographer by achieving a BA Honours in Photography, signing up for her Photography Degree April 2005

In 2010, the Napoleon Hill Foundation, contacted Janet to write about her story of achievement in the book The Path To Riches and to illustrate it with images of the classic thirteen principles to happiness and success in the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

This opportunity changed Janet's life completely and took her on a journey to becoming an award winning speaker/trainer for the Women Inspiring Women Award and creator of her own online training programs plus live events. December 2011, Happiness Millionaire Ltd was born.

As a speaker, Janet has met and worked with, Bob Proctor, Robert G Allen, Richard Branson, Tony Robins, Sharon Lechter and many more amazing people. 

June 2013 saw Janet step back from running courses so that she could give everything she had to writing her book. The book regularly receives great reviews about her honesty and the power behind the teachings. Bravely, she shares her incredible story of overcoming the adversity of her father taking his life, divorce and coming through depression to living a truly extraordinary and fulfilled life.  If you are looking for inspiration, Janet's book is a MUST READ. Check out the Amazon reviews and decide for yourself.

March 20th 2017, International Happiness Day, Janet launched her book. Click Here for more details.

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Rise - Fall - and Rise Again

Just when you think you have made it and broken through to success, things can change on a hairpin.

Over Work - Cancer Scare - Trouble With Neighbours - Youngest Son In serious Car Accident

You would think that after the book launch Janet's life would be catapulted into success and her challenges would be over or at least have to deal with more fun problems. Life doesn't work like that. Just when you think your life is moving forward, there seems to be a curve ball thrown at you.

Being aware that after high achievement, there is always a fall, Janet booked a ski holiday for her and her children, so the fall wasn't such a crash.

However, ice skating in the evening and being quite competitive, Janet took a physical fall on the ice. The day after, a lump appeared in her breast. 

Deciding to brush it off and not worry about it, Janet was then facing verbal abuse and trespassing from neighbours. Trying hard not to get stressed with this situation she tried to be strong. Living alone left her vulnerable to these nasty neighbours and there were times she would crawl around the kitchen floor, trying not to be seen, as they banged on her door. 

She felt her energy being drained from her but had no choice but to keep going, being single, in her 50's, self employed and no pension, determined that. 

The Thing You Dread Most As A Parent

'For a while I believed my son maybe dead' said Janet, as she told me the story of her son's car accident. Fortunately, he wasn't but as Janet was on her way to London, she heard of the car accident her youngest son had been involved in and she immediately turned around and drove, carefully, to Edinburgh where he lived. Life's pressures certainly were taking the toll on Janet.

Bad Habits Take You Down The Wrong Road 

At the back of Janet's mind, she knew she was getting sick. Life was getting overwhelming. The lump on her breast was playing on her mind and she wondered if it was more than a bump from the fall. She wasn't sleeping at night and would wake, so thirsty, she felt she had glass in her throat.  Joint pains in her hips, knees and ankles and serious brain fog, meant she struggled concentrating and being enthusiastic. 'I would get up in the morning and by the time I had showered, I could have slept another 8 hours but I had to get on with my day. My friends and the doctor would tell me these were menopause symptoms.' Janet told me. 

This meant that the only way for Janet to keep going was to drink caffeine and soon Janet became a, by her own admission, a Red Bull addict. 


'I would have my first one as I took the early train to Manchester. I felt so ashamed that I would buy them from places where no one kew me and I would always dispose of my can in a public bin. Little did I know the damage I was causing to the inside of my body.' This high dosage of caffeine was helping Janet increase her energy for a little while and also clearing the brain fog. However, this habit was soon going to reveal a problem.

You Can't Hide From The Truth...

The breast clinic wanted to run a biopsy on Janet's breast, they felt sure there wasn't a problem but they wanted to check. However, Janet didn't believe she had breast cancer, I am sure this is what every woman feels but we must use our own instinct. Janet called her friend Ann Devin who is a Bio-resonance specialist and she can detect where the body is suffering. 

She asked Janet if she was tired, which prompted her to tell the truth about Red Bull and her exhaustion. This led to more questions about pain in her joints. It was Ann who discovered the Epstein Barr Virus and adrenal fatigue problem and told Janet to NEVER drink caffeine drinks again. She immediately sent Janet to the doctors for blood tests. 

The doctor tried to reassure Janet that these were nothing more than menopause symptoms. This made Janet more afraid because by now she was struggling to walk and climbing the stairs was very painful on her knees and sleeping created great pain in her hips. 'If this is menopause, I am doomed to business failure and financial struggle,' she said, as she was struggling concentrating and being enthusiastic, two things her job required. 

 Back To Basics

Understanding that her body was not working at optimum level and that she had been eating and drinking to give her false energy, she decided to go back to basics and eat more nutritionally in an attempt to relieve some symptoms. 

Working in the stylish city of Manchester, Janet would travel to work with her handbag, a cool bag to keep her nutritious lunch fresh and a plastic bag for computer and paperwork. She didn't feel too stylish and trendy plus with three bags there was a high chance of leaving a bag on the train. Suffering brain fog meant it was stressful to keep an eye on so many bags. 

Soon after the blood tests, the doctor called to reveal the truth behind what was happening to Janet's body. Her white blood count was VERY low which meant that her immune system wasn't protecting her. The doctor said that it could take over two years to fully recover and the only thing to do was complete rest. No more working. Janet had to surrender to her body while it healed and did as the doctor said. As what often happens when the body is forced to rest, the mind gets creative. 

Ideas Are Born And The Brave Take New Journeys

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