I am transitioning to a new happiness

Losing my 22 year old son in July ripped my world from under my feet. My life now feels like Re-Birth. If you are going through a difficult time and feeling a little lost and alone, then please join me on this journey of transition.

Who Is Janet Jones?

I am a Photographer, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Designer of Happiness. I live in Yorkshire, England. My loves are my three children, one who became an angel aged 22 years, in 2019, and my cat Poppy.

Maybe I can help you...

Since Murray's fatal accident, I have taken time out from writing and speaking to rest and re-grow my happiness. During this time, my focus is self care, while at the same time helping others. Please see below how I may be able to help you.

A group where people understand you

As soon as Murray's accident happened, I knew I needed to connect with people who understood. However, it wasn't my goal just to survive for the rest of my life, so I needed to connect with people who were thriving, even at the worst time of their life. I couldn't find that group, so I created one.

If you are looking for connection and support from people who are growing after losing children, then come and join us in our Facebook Private Group - Bereaved Parents

Capturing Your Family Is So Valuable

I have picked up my camera again because NOW I really DO know the true value of a family portrait.

For years I had been asking my children to have a professional photo taken of all of us together, just being us. Great professional photographers know how to capture the relationships between people and this was what I wanted.

It never happened. I should have just told them we were having it done. Now, I only have one photo of me with my grown up family, thanks to my niece getting married so I could grab the photographer. We are just stood in a line but at least we are together.

In 2020, while I am transitioning, I will book just 10 families. If you would like to be one, go to www.janetjonesphotogtaphy.co.uk

Transition your life to greater happiness

I don't know where this life is going yet but I know it will be inspiring. Join me and let's be inspired together.


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We make better progress when we stick together with people who can lead the way for us.

I promise to be one of those people and to bring others to you to help with your journey to a happier and more peaceful life.

With love, Janet x