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Meet Janet

Janet is a Happiness Expert committed to changing Mental Health to Happiness Health. She is the author of the Amazon 5-Star rated book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H And Powerful Life. And the creator and producer of the series A Walk And A Talk For Happiness Seekers on YouTube.

Inspired by the unexpected suicide of her father on October 29th 1994, followed by her breakdown six years later, she has been obsessed with happiness, what it is, where it comes from and how you keep it, ever since. Now she is driven by passion to help others discover a better way to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

On the day she realised she could no longer handle life on her own, she was about to pick up the phone to call the doctors for help. No doubt she would have been given antidepressant pills instantly, as she was so low. However, the post had been delivered and she picked that up first...

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Janet's Happiness Creations So Far

Janet's 5-Star, Amazon rated book will change your life by challenging how you currently think and provide you with time-tested principles and real life stories to create a new way of thinking. This will help you create a new approach to your life, resulting in more joy, fulfilment and happiness. Get your copy of the Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H And Powerful Life and what your Relationships, your Income, your Confidence and your Health improve. 

“This book will bring your dreams to life. However, it is not for the light hearted..." read more Holly Dowling, Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader.

“I have many, many books on my personal development bookshelves. I can now clear them all and replace them with just this one book. read more..." Richard McCann, TIMES No.1 Best Selling Author


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Happiness Millionaire: Motivation At A Glance Pocket Book of Cards

This is a small pack of cards, the size of a business card, that will fit in your pocket, hand bag, glove compartment in your car, wherever you need to touch base with your plans and dreams. These cards will guide you and keep you on track with all the thirteen principles from Napoleon Hill's timeless book Think and Grow Rich. You will also find these images in Janet's book, Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H And Powerful Life. These are also a great companion to her book. 

"Janet Jones has created a simple and beautiful tool to help anyone discover their path to happiness and stay on track while pursuing the life they want. Read more..." Mitch Farrais review

"I love these cards and carry them with me everywhere. Read more..." Amazon Customer

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