Don't live in FEAR during Covid-19

Janet Jones has been studying and teaching principles of Happiness for over 20 years. They have helped her to overcome many of life's defeats. They WILL help you during this global pandemic. At 1pm, Mon-Fri, Janet will be teaching these age-old principles, live on Facebook. If you can't watch 'LIVE', join our mailing list and receive the videos in your email.

Who Is Janet Jones?

Author, Speaker, Photographer, mother of three amazing people and lover of all things that bring TRUE happiness

Janet is the Author of Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H and Powerful Life. She is a Motivational Speaker, and Designer of Happiness.

Janet lives in Yorkshire, England, where you will often find her breathing in happiness in the surrounding hills.

Last July, Janet was given her greatest challenge to happiness and finding fulfilment in life when her son, Murray, tragically lost his life, aged 22 years. Read More..

Don't live in fear during Covid-19.

I don't know where this life is going yet but I know it will be inspiring. Join me and let's be inspired together.


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