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Happiness Millionaire: Motivation At A Glance

This is a pocket book of images, created by Janet Jones from her book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For A R.I.C.H And Powerful Life, to help you, on a daily basis to keep your mind on first principles to happiness, set intentions and change your life, one image at a time.

"Janet Jones has created a simple and beautiful tool to help anyone discover their path to happiness and stay on track while pursuing the life they want. Read more..." Mitch Farrais review

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Who Is Janet Jones?

Janet is a Photographer, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Designer of everything that will make you happier. Janet lives in England with her three children and cat Poppy.

Inspired by the unexpected suicide of her father on October 29th 1994, followed by her own breakdown with three young children, she has since been obsessed with happiness: what it is, where it comes from and how you keep it. Now she is driven by passion to help others discover a better way to live a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilled life.

Janet Jones, is an award winning speaker, regular guest on BBC Radio Leeds and winner of the Janey Loves Platinum Book Award for her book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images For a R.I.C.H And Powerful Life.

As an author, she shares her heart-warming story of overcoming adversity to living a truly extraordinary and fulfilling life. She contributed to the international book, 'The Path to Riches' as the UK's leading Napoleon Hill instructor and has empowered many people to shift their life and turn it around, finding new confidence and direction.

Janet's speaking career took her around the UK and as far a field as Malaysia and Japan. On her journey, she has been alongside New York Times best selling authors; Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Robert G Allen, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Sharon Lechter and many more.

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