Special Offer -  Happiness Millionaire: Motivation at a Glance Pocketbook Cards


This is the only product in the world of Napoleon Hill's classic 13-success principles from Think and Grow Rich in images for an easy way to remember them and implement them in YOUR life to achieve greater results in your Relationships, Income, Confidence and Health. This is Happiness Millionaire R.I.C.H

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Training on the move...

Amazon Customer, UK

'I carry these everywhere. I love them. Each card brings a principle to life and keeps me on track with my life plan.'

A great visual aid...

Debbie Story, UK.

'I have these cards by the side of my bed as a constant reminder of how to achieve my life's purpose.'

Why I love these...

Mitch Farais, Canada.

'Janet Jones has created a simple and beautiful tool to help anyone discover their path to happiness and stay on track.'