35. I am not going to make it this morning

if rocks could talk - meet sylvia-rose Feb 14, 2024

You are going through life and all is well. Instantly, it all changed and you were on your knees, feeling lost with no idea how life goes on without your loved one.

Hi, I am Janet Jones, founder of Happiness Millionaire. I have recently started talking to a rock! This helps me navigate the next chapter of my life, the chapter without my 22-year-old son, Murray. Join me with my musings about lifegrief, and loss with my rock, Sylvia-Rose. To learn why she is called Sylvia-Rose and how and why we met, I invite you to read my first blog - 'If Rocks Could Talk, Meet Sylvia-Rose'. You could also register to have these blogs delivered to your email inbox so you never miss them. Click the FOLLOW SYLVIA-ROSE button.
Sometimes the weather is just too risky to go for a chat. That was today. The wind held me back. 31st of January, 2022
Morning, SR. I am not going to make it this morning. The sea is quite wild and wonderful.
I will make it tomorrow. đź’›
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