5. Making your best choice in bad weather

if rocks could talk - meet sylvia-rose Nov 23, 2021
Making decisions when life gets you down
I was going through life and all was well. Instantly, it all changed and I was on my knees, feeling lost with no idea how life could go on without my son, Murray. 

I am generally a fair-weather walker. Inspired by the conversations with Sylvia-Rose, today, I decided to dress for the weather and embrace it. 


29th Oct 2021  

SR - Hey, Jan, you made it. I didn’t think you would in this weather. 

Me - It is pretty wet, that’s for sure. I could have stayed home in the dry and warm. Then I remembered our chat the other day about being a rock! I decided I would be more rock-like and not let the weather prevent me from being me! Certainly not let the weather weaken me and go to the shop for sugary treats!!! 

SR - Great. Glad I could help. 

Me - Most people complain about weather like this and let it stop them from doing things. What would you say to them?   

SR - I would say, that is fine. You have a choice. However, life is short and if you wait for good weather to do the things you love, you may miss out. Have you had a nice time coming out in this weather? How do you feel? 

Me - I had a great time. Sitting here with you is peaceful. It is fresh and I feel more alive. I would say that I feel more alive than on a sunny day. The blowing wind and rain bring you to the present moment.  

SR - Doesn’t it?! It is also worth remembering there are many people, dead and alive, who don’t have the privilege of feeling this weather. Hold your hand out and tell me what you feel. 

Me - OK. Let me get my glove off. It feels tickly! Both soft and spikey. It isn’t cold. It is fresh. I embrace this feeling for all those who can’t. 

 SR - That’s my girl. Don’t let weather like this get you down. You could sing in it Isn’t that a song??? Singing In the Rain! Every day is as joyful as you see it. I know it isn’t always easy. Some days seem dark but the light is always available at the same time. Take a different look. 


Me - Thanks. Time for me to get going. I have really, enjoyed this. You helped me a lot. See you tomorrow.   

SR - A little earlier, maybe? 

Me - Maybe. Cheeky 


It takes a while to get going in the mornings. Transitioning from slumber into the persistent reality without Murray, I often resist the day and find comfort in my bed. There are times I feel trapped in this ‘no man’s land’ space of not wanting to be in bed as I both, feel I am wasting my life and my mind can get pretty dark, to lacking the energy and enthusiasm to embrace the day. I will keep going. 

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