5. Making your best choice in bad weather

if rocks could talk - meet sylvia-rose Nov 23, 2021
Making decisions when life gets you down

Struggling to make the best choices for your life when life gets challenging?

Hi, I am Janet Jones, founder of Happiness Millionaire. I have recently started talking to a rock! This helps me navigate the next chapter of my life, the chapter without my 22-year-old son, Murray. The Rock's name is Sylvia-Rose. To learn more about how and why we met, read the first blog - 'If Rocks Could Talk, meet Sylvia-Rose'. 
Our chat about making choices when you suffer with grief, on the 29th Oct 2021
SR - Hey, Jan, you made it. I didn’t think you would in this weather.
Jan - It is pretty wet, that is for sure. I could have stayed home in the dry and warmth but then I remembered our chat the other day about being a rock! I decided I would be more rock like and not let the weather prevent me from being me! Certainly not let the weather have me go to the shop for some sugary treats!!!
SR - Great. Glad I could help.
Jan - Most people complain about weather like this and let it stop them doing things. What would you say to them?
SR - I would say, that is fine. You have a choice. However, life is short and if you wait for good weather to do the things you love, you may miss out. Have you had a nice time coming out in this weather? How do you feel?
Jan - I had a great time. In fact, sitting here with you is really peaceful. It is fresh and I feel more alive. I would say that I feel more alive than on a sunny day. The wind blowing and rain bring you to the present moment.
SR - Doesn’t it! It is also worth remembering there are many people dead and alive who don’t have the privilege of feeling this weather. Hold your hand out and tell me what you feel.
Jan - OK. Let me get my glove off. It feels tickly! Both soft and spikey. It isn’t cold. It is fresh. I embrace this feeling for all those who can’t.
 SR - That’s my girl. Don’t let weather like this get you down. You could sing in it 😀 Isn’t that a song??? Singing In The Rain! Everyday is as joyful as you see it. I know it isn’t always easy. Some days seem really dark but the light is always available at the same time. Take a different look.
Jan - Thanks. Time for me to get going. I have really enjoyed this. You helped me a lot. See you tomorrow.
SR - A little earlier, maybe?
Jan - Maybe. Cheeky 😃


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