SR - Good Morning. You caught me just before I went under! How are you? Happy Mother’s Day.
Jan - Thank You. Glad I got here in time. You know it is a day of duality for me and for all mothers who have lost children. So, you know me, I reflected.
SR - Of course, you did. I am glad you came to share with me.
Jan - Always. You see, a couple of days ago, I said to my friend Jane, who lost her son Mathew 16 years ago, I was going to see it as just another day and get busy. It was hearing myself say that, that caused me to reflect. I realised, Mother’s Day, my current and future ones, isn’t about feeling low and wishing things were different. I have two other beautiful children who have a mother and they want to share their love and gratitude with me. With their sense of joy, not sadness, and worry about how I might be getting on. I want to embrace their Love for me and the love I KNOW Murray had for me. So that is what I will do. With an open heart to love and the infinite joy of being gifted the opportunity to be a mother. The greatest gift of life.
SR - I love how you somehow manage to reach these places of understanding and acceptance.
Jan - It has taken me a few years to finally get to this and it doesn’t mean it can’t change in a heartbeat. I sound very positive and life-affirming and I am but at the core, this is built on a broken heart. You could liken it to the earth being built on a ball of fire. It erupts every now and then.
SR - Everything changes and nothing is a given in life. For now, in this moment, you are welcoming life’s joys and that is a beautiful place to be. Enjoy it.
Jan - Thank You. I am now about to meet friends for a big celebratory Mother’s Day breakfast.
SR - Good for You!
Jan - I will eat it with gratitude of the three people who came through me, I will eat it with gratitude for Murray being with me for 22 years, and for Iona and Lewis sending me their love. I will also be sending love to all Mothers around the world, past and present, who have had to live their lives enduring the loss of a child.
SR - Great idea. Love flows. It is silent and is felt everywhere.
Jan - I believe that to be true too. Bye, SR. I will be back.
SR - I look forward to it. Great to see you are busy and things are happening. Have a fab day.
Jan - I will. Thank you 🙏🏻💛💛💛