16 - Determination to live your life to the full to create more joy

if rocks could talk - meet sylvia-rose Dec 14, 2021
Storm Barra Stranraer Scotland
Has grief and loss made you more determined to live your life to the full?

You are going through life and all is well. Instantly, it all changed and you were on your knees, feeling lost with no idea how life goes on without your loved one.

Hi, I am Janet Jones, founder of Happiness Millionaire. Welcome to my conversations with my rock on the beach, Sylvia-Rose. She helped me navigate the next chapter of my life, the chapter without my 22-year-old son, Murray. Join these musings about lifegrief, and loss with my rock, Sylvia-Rose. To learn why she is called Sylvia-Rose and how and why we met, I invite you to read my first blog - 'If Rocks Could Talk, Meet Sylvia-Rose'. You could also register to have these blogs delivered to your email inbox so you never miss them. Click the FOLLOW SYLVIA-ROSE button.
My apology to Sylvie-Rose on the 7th December 2021 for not being able to make it. Storm Barra blew me back home.
Jan - Sorry, Sylvia-Rose, there was no way I could get to you today. I really tried but when I was nearly blown into the sea, I decide to abort my walk, which was so much more than a walk. It was an epic journey!!
SR - I am so glad you went home. It is brutal out here with the gale force winds howling, the sea crashing and the rain pelting down.
Jan - I walked into the wind and rain coming home. The rain stabbed my face like darts being thrown at me. I couldn’t escape it, no matter how much I protected my face. Forcing one leg in front of the other, I kept low and at one point had to crawl or the wind would have taken me out to sea. Once I was off the beach, there were walls to hold on to. I passed a woman, all wrapped up, holding on to her hat as she walked her dog. With our heads down and battling the storm, we waved in acknowledgment of the madness and a mutual wish for us to get home safely.
SR - And you did. Come and visit when the storm has passed. I will hold on tight as the waves crash against me.
Jan - I look forward to it. I braved the elements because I really need to speak with you. I have lost that spring in my step.
SR - Just remember you had it. It will come back. We will talk soon. Put your feet up. Watch a Christmas movie and you have my permission to eat chocolate 😀
Jan - Thanks!!! See you soon. Stay safe.
SR - And you stay warm and be gentle with yourself. 💕
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