SR - Hey, I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you doing? How is the job?
Jan - Hi, Sylvia-Rose. The Job is going great. It is my saviour. I am now on the walk towards the anniversary of Murray’s final day on Earth. I feel achy and exhausted. I know I am wearing the grief. I am being kind to myself and getting lots of rest, though.
SR - That is good to hear. It has only been three years.
Jan - I know. We have just celebrated his 25th birthday and we did that well. That is easier, in a way, because his arrival brought great joy and I will always celebrate that. His departure brought such unbearable pain. No matter how much I try to not think about it and keep busy, it walks within me. It is part of me.
SR - It wouldn’t be wise to ignore it. Acknowledge it and nurture yourself. Write things out. Talk to me. Talk to your friends.
Jan - It is such an internal thing, there isn’t really much my friends can say. I know to be kind to me and I am being. I know to rest and not hide this. I also know my friends are there for me too. It comes back to grief being a lonely journey.
SR - That is true but it is also a journey walked by many people, so you are not alone in that respect.
Jan - I know. Grief needs no words, just compassion. A smile, a nod of the head as acknowledgement, a heart emoji.
SR - What is a Heart Emoji?
Jan - An online hug!!
SR - A hug of any kind will bring peace. You take care of yourself. It is getting late.
Jan - It is. I feel a cosy bath and an early night is needed.
SR - Good idea. Remember not to be hard on yourself. You are doing great. It may not always feel like it and I know these next few weeks will lay heavy with you but you have risen to this before.
Jan - I have and, for the sake of all my children I will again. To the best I am capable of. With smiles and tears, no doubt. Good night, Sylvia-Rose. I am glad I pushed myself to come all the way to see you.
SR - Me too. I am here for you anytime. Just come and sit. We don’t have to talk.
Jan - Thanks.
SR - That is what friends are for.
Jan - Being friends with a rock! It does make me smile! 😊
SR - I am glad I could do that. Good night. See you soon.
Jan - Good night. 
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