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Christmas Health That Tastes Naughty

Boxing Day Healthy and Yummy Bubble and Squeak Alternative.


Starting Your Day With Green Juice

A few years ago, my brother in law had a heart attack and needed to have two stents fitted. He had one fitted then had to wait six weeks before they could fit the next one. I taught him how to make green juices and encouraged him to remove meat and cakes etc.. from his diet. When he went back for the second stent, the consultant declared that his heart had 'healed itself!' Enjoy this life saving drink.


Mango Sorbet With A Walnut Base

Packed with nutrition, this is a handy dessert to keep in the freezer in place of ice cream and tastes just as naughty - but you could have it for breakfast!


Sweet Potato And Courgette Fritters by Rachel Kelly

These fritters are packed with amino acids, B vitamins and folate plus lots of fibre. This recipe is from the fabulous book by Rachel Kelly, The Happy Kitchen. See more details on JANET'S READING PAGE.


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