Are you a busy woman on the go who wants to look stylish, eat well and reduce plastic waste?

Meet 'GRACE' and her Creative Director and Founder Janet Jones


'Grace' is new, inspiring and WOW so practical for those of you who have a busy life and want to eat healthier, improve your lifestyle, be happier AND look great everyday!

Her classic design comes with innovative contemporary twists that will completely change how you use your handbag forever... Join Janet Jones, on her 'live' FREE VIP ONLINE VIEWING EVENT

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Thurs 11th July - 7pm UK Time

Why Grace?

Why not! Looking after your health, wellbeing and happiness is so important in today's fast paced world.

Being healthy is the foundation to a happy life, GRACE puts you back in control of what you eat, no longer reliant on pre-packed fast food when you are on-the-go. Grace puts you totally back in control of your health, wellbeing and happiness. 

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Limited to 10 places. Be one of the very first to meet Grace.

Grace's Message of Energy and Happiness

Working closely with spiritual artist, Linda Hortobagyi, was one of those  meant to be moments. Janet and Linda talked for over three hours at their initial meeting discussing the power, impact and change that GRACE would bring to lives. Linda channelled Janet's energy, joy and optimism for creating a happier life into GRACE. It had to be a joyous experience to open the bag. 

The energy from Janet's heart flows through GRACE, filled with love, wisdom and happiness, you will carry her message with you everyday, building a happier and healthier life.

Listen carefully and you might just hear her whispers of courage and bravery. 

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Positive Impact On The Environment

It was so important that GRACE was manufactured from the most ethical and environmentally friendly materials, Janet chose Mycro© a state-of-the-art microfiber with a structure very similar to that of natural leather and suede. Its softness, lightness, breathability, water and stain resistance providing the highest performance possible with no damage to the environment.

FIVE TRILLION plastic bags per year are used around the globe. Only 1% are recylced and 80% of plastic ends up in the ocean. GRACE has three stylish, lightweight and strong tote shopping bags included, all beautifully handmade in the UK.

CLICK HERE to join Janet on the FREE V.I.P Online Viewing

Meet Janet

Janet is author of Amazon 5-star rated book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Imagesfor a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life.

After the unexpected suicide of her father in 1994 followed by her own breakdown, Janet became obsessed with happiness, what it is, where it comes from and how you keep it. This has given her entrepreneurial spirit freedom to pass her passion on to help others globally to discover a better way to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Janet is a visionary, recognised as a designer of effective tools and products that will get you focused on how to lead a Happier, Healthier and more Fulfilled Lifestyle, today, tomorrow and beyond.

With her TV Channel, Janet Jones TV, you will find everything happy there, from conversations, hints, tips and ideas, along with her amazing uber healthy recipes and cooking demonstrations. Cooking and eating well is essential when creating your own happiness space, which has led to Janet's most recent genius creation, the designer handbag, created to help you eat healthier, prepare your food, pack it and off you go!

Handbag Details and Dimensions

Textured Dark Red Microfibre PU Leather

  • This faux leather is deep scarlet red, lightweight, flexible, breathable and strong. It has a soft brushed back and a cracked, textured leather-like face.
    Mycro© is a state-of-the-art microfiber with a structure very similar to that of natural leather and suede. Its softness, lightness, breathability, water and stain resistance provide high performance, comfort and very credible leather-looking products. Mycro© holds the EU Ecolabel and are REACH and ISO9001 compliant.

    The producers work responsibly when it comes to their energy use, workforce and waste, for example: 
    - Clean energy is provided by photo-voltaic installations which reduces CO2 emissions.
    - They have installed water recycling facilities.
    - They train their workforce in operational safety.
    - Raw materials are chosen based on their criteria of environmental sustainability.

    Other certifications held include UNI EN ISO: 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 which guarantee high quality and safety standards with significant attention to both the environment and workforce health.

    One of the main issues with using fake alternatives to leather is that they are usually derived from chlorine-based PVC. (NOT THIS FAUX LEATHER. THIS IS A PU, NOT A PVU)

    PVC is the least recyclable plastic due to the range of chemicals used in its production. Currently under 1% of PVC is recycled. The production of PVC generates a substantial amount of pollution and environmental concerns including:

    • Realising dioxins into the environment which are harmful to humans and can cause cancer, reproductive and immune system problems. Dioxins are also bioaccumulative so come into contact with humans in our food, especially fats in meats and fish.
    • The production of chlorine, one of the main ingredients of PVC, emits mercury and asbestos.
    • To stabilise PVC, manufacturers use lead and other pathates which are released during the disposal of the product. Residual lead is also a common trait of PVC, which is absorbable by the skin.

Perfect size for carrying all you need, iPad, laptop, phones etc.. plus space for the internal Thermal bag for your food.

Height - 32cm

Width - 50cm

Base - 35cm


This empowering handbag has everything covered to make your life easy.


  • A hidden pocket for phone and cards.
  • An extendable strap for carrying over the shoulder. 
  • A flap to cover the zip for peace of mind and inspiration from the statement on the steel plaque.
  • Double zip to open bag at both ends.


  • Bespoke art lining to inspire you and brighten your day.
  • 3 pockets to house 3 matching fabric shopping bags.
  • Two more pockets for phone, glasses etc
  • Zipped pocket for important documents. 

Outer fabric is showerproof.

Two layers of thermal Insul Brite fabric

Both fabrics are wipeable.

There are two pockets on the inside to hold small ice packs.

Plenty room to pack a delicious lunch.

H - 28cm

W - 36cm

Base width - 8cm


The double thermal layers keeps food cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Two pockets for 100g ice packs. These have been placed at the top to keep the bag cooler.

Extra thermal holder for keeping water cooler and soup hotter and holding them in an upright position.


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See you soon. Janet x