Why blue Monday, not pink or green, or simply – Monday?

by Janet Jones on January 13, 2017

Blue MondayThe third Monday of the year has been scientifically proven, allegedly, to be the most depressing day of the year. But is blue Monday real or have we started to believe the media and therefore, we have made it real?

Dr Cliff Arnall, created blue Monday in 2005. He was commissioned by a holiday company to come up with some science to prove that there was a certain time in January where people felt the most low. That information was then used for working out the best time to advertise summer holidays. You may have seen the avalanche of ads on the TV.

His information is based on some pseudoscientific (which means it doesn’t mean anything) equation that calculates factors such as weather, debt, time since Christmas celebrations and failed New Year’s resolutions. From this equation, the third Monday in January was identified. And since 2005 it has become a celebrated miserable day that the media remind us about.

The question is, have we heard it so many times now that we believe it and, therefore, create blue feelings for our self? It is a known fact that when we repeatedly hear something, we begin to empathise with it and slowly turn it into a belief and expectation.

Personally I don’t buy into it and I am taking on the media to make the third Monday in January the Happiest Monday. Here’s why I believe it is:-

  1. Have you heard how many people have been dying lately? If you are still alive on Monday, you have a reason to be happy.
  1. If you have someone who worries about you, celebrate that. You are loved.
  1. If you live in a peaceful country be grateful every day. There are people in the world who are starving and dying in war torn countries. They would love to live in peace.
  1. If someone said thank you to you today, smile, you were noticed for your kindness and that is proven, by genuine science, to create lasting happiness.
  1. It is a complete miracle that any of us exist at all and I believe that is the greatest celebration for every day of the year, for life.

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The emphasis for blue Monday that has been established is based around shallow reasons to be miserable or subject to events, such as the weather, that are out of our control. It is the small things in life that make it worth living. Sometimes they are so small we can’t see them because we are being told that desiring to be somewhere else or to own something that we don’t yet have is where we will find happiness. That is not true. You have happiness already.

By Janet Jones – Your Happiness Millionaire

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