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What ever you think about continuously over and over in your conscious mind (Autosuggestion), automatically gets placed into the subconscious mind. You have no control over this. Have you noticed how your mind is ALWAYS thinking? To stop it you have to make a conscious effort through meditation and that takes phenomenal discipline but is worth every effort.

As humans, the only thing we have total control of is our conscious mind. We have choices. After conscious thought, the rest is down to Universal Laws. Things you have no control of and no scientific understanding. Sometimes they can be referred to as fate, coincidence or inevitability. You can’t stop your conscious thoughts from being deposited into your subconscious and you can’t prevent the subconscious mind from delivering your thoughts into your life. What you can control is consciously planting the plan of your desire into your subconscious mind through conscious and consistent effort.


It is essential to be aware that all manner of thoughts are being given to your subconscious mind daily from all different sources. These will be both positive and negative thoughts. In order to achieve your desire and to live the life you want rather than that which you are given, it is up to you to choose to remove negative thoughts from your mind and to then protect your mind from being influenced by the negativity around you. It is only through becoming aware or your mind and choosing to use it to your benefit that you can differentiate a negative thought from a positive one. When you can do this, and some people are not fully aware of what a negative thought is or what aspects of their lives are influencing a negative trigger in the mind, you can then visualise pulling up a draw bridge to protect your subconscious mind from the outside negative influences.  Only then can you choose to follow the energy of a positive thought and benefit from its outcome.


Napoleon Hill informs us that it is a ‘known fact’ that thoughts backed by emotions have the greatest influence on our subconscious mind. It is a known fact that images create emotions. As a student of this philosophy of success if you attach emotions on the images created for each principle and feed the images to your subconscious mind you will accelerate the benefits of this system. You can only do this by seeing them every day. Allow yourself to see them so often that you can recall the image and the principle at will, without physically having them in front of you. This takes practice and study. 

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