Stuck In The Mud?

by Janet Jones on September 4, 2013

Stuck in the mud - nearly losing it_Happiness Millionaire_Janet Jones3 simple steps to moving on to living the life you really want…

Have you ever felt that your life is like the Ground Hog Day movie? The same thing happens day in and day out. Can’t get off the hamster wheel?


You come with new ideas and start making changes but before you know it life is just the same. Does it feel like being stuck in the mud? In fact, some days if feels like you are sinking in the mud, right?


‘If you want something you have never had, you must first do something you have never done before’. Jim Rohn.


If you are serious about getting EVEN MORE from life, you have to STOP doing the same old ‘Groundhog’ type stuff!!!!


Here are three tips to start getting out of the mud;

Get up earlier. By changing the hour you get up, you give your day a new dynamic. The first 5 minutes of your day are what set the pace of the day ahead. Get up grumpy and the chances are circumstances that irritate you will show up through out the day. Traffic lights will always be on red, someone will have your parking space or you will spill a hot drink on you, you know the kind of things I mean!! Think of the old saying ‘they must have got out of bed on the wrong side’!!

Give yourself a mantra to establish your day with. The power of  autosuggestion is immense; it can either keep you stuck IN the mud or get you OUT of the mud quickly. If you have been feeling unwell, say to yourself ‘I am in perfect health and feel great’. You will recover more quickly. If you have no money but want to be financially free ‘I have all the money I need’, you will be saying to yourself, that you have good foundations and can build your wealth from there.  We will be covering MUCH more of that on the one-day seminar.

Challenge old beliefs all the time and through the power of autosuggestion, create new beliefs. The mind can be tricked and will believe what ever you tell it, so long as you say it often enough. Beliefs that have got you to where you are now (assuming you are not living how you really want to be living) are merely bad language or out of date ideas rooted in the mind that have been repeated over and over for years! Time to unravel all of that.


Success and happiness is about being self-reliant yet intra-dependant. Only we can make changes in our life that will take us to where we are meant to be, life can change on us, and force us into circumstances but often these are out of our control and keep us rooted IN the mud. To get out, we must take back control by helping our self while offering help to others along the way.



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