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Specialised Knowledge creates solid foundations for your desire. It is essential to specialise in a field of expertise. People will come to YOU for your specialism. Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades really does mean a master of none, as your potential clients don’t really know exactly what service you offer and tend to go to the person who specialises.

You see, knowledge isn’t power; the USE of knowledge is power. The great news is, successful people don’t know everything, nor do they hold off their dreams until they have learned everything. They find the specialists who know what they need to know to make their dreams come true. Identifying the knowledge required for your success enables you to surround yourself with people who have that knowledge. They can assist in your achievement.

This is important if you:

  • Don’t like or never ask for help
  • Feel you have to prove to someone you can do something
  • Feel overwhelmed with trying to do everything
  • Don’t know how exactly to achieve your desire

The Look And Grow RICH image for Specialised Knowledge is a person reaching out for palliative care expertise. When a person needs help to achieve better health quickly and efficiently asking for help and finding experts is the first thing we do. The same thing applies to your desire. No one can achieve alone… we can try and move forward but there is only so much…time in the day and life is short. An educated person orchestrates knowledge of other people combined only with their on specialism. This is when knowledge can reach it’s real power.

  • Find people with the skills you need to achieve, from a cleaner to the best accountant or investor, will mean you live the life of your dreams in the quickest possible time.
  • Without knowledge your dreams have no foundation. Without action towards dreams becoming reality, your knowledge is just a hobby.
  • Seek council from your mastermind group. Someone may see something you haven’t. Make sure you or someone you respect and trust can cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” before you move forward with confidence.

Building on the Autosuggestion principle, Specialised Knowledge will help you create more confidence in the belief that you CAN achieve your dreams and goals. Working with others whose knowledge can support your aim will fuel your imagination to take your dreams to their full potential.

Often when a circumstance doesn’t have the result you were aiming for, ask yourself if you had enough specialised knowledge or if you were using the right people for the knowledge. Knowledge of a situation helps to remove doubt. Should doubt start to creep in ask ‘what else I need to know?’ Lack of knowledge keeps us in a place of ignorance and we make uninformed decisions based on ignorant knowledge, which may lead to your downfall.

Gaining the appropriate knowledge will increase your burning desire and give you the faith to develop your life as you have chosen. Noting how the principles stack on top of one another, ‘Autosuggestion’ prepares the mind for seeking the relevant knowledge and prevents time wasted on gathering unnecessary knowledge in order to maintain focus on the desired outcome.

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