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Janet is the UK’s leading Napoleon Hill Instructor, inspirational photographer of the Power of Positive Images and award winning international motivational speaker and trainer on success and happiness, having spoken in Malaysia, UK, and Japan.

Co-author in the American book “The Path to Riches” and Author of the upcoming Happiness Millionaire book; Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life.

Janet was commissioned in August 2010 by the Napoleon Hill Foundation in America to create powerful images, which represent the 13 principles to success in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

On top of her successful workshops, she has worked with Multi-Level Marketing companies to grow the confidence and success of the teams. Through talks and webinars around goal setting, self confidence and focus, Janet provides the Power of Positive images as a way to fast-track achievement and finding true happiness.

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Janet now speaks around the world, teaching her unique collection of images (Power of Positive Images) and real life steps to deep-rooted success and happiness, which have helped people double their income, overcome depression, start businesses and live a fulfilling life true to themselves. Due to how the images affect the mind, those who master Janet’s images have made progress quicker than they ever thought possible.


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