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Sex Transmutation: The Most Powerful Human Energy

‘Sex Transmutation is the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another.’ Napoleon Hill.

Sexual energy is the most powerful human energy. It is an energy that creates life. Not only creating physical life, it also develops our emotional life.


‘In a preliminary study, the hormone Oxytocin was shown to be associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries with other people.’ July 1999 edition Psychology


Oxytocin is known as the ‘luurv hormone’. It is released when we kiss, cuddle, have sex, during and after childbirth and when breastfeeding. It is NOT released when we are doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, doing the shopping! Though these jobs are an essential part of life they are best ‘just done’ and not spoken about. Change your focus to more exciting times.

Relationships fall apart when the level of Oxytocin is reduced. Which means that, when we increase the level of Oxytocin we improve our relationships. Oxytocin is the provider of the very powerful sex energy.

First we have to generate our sex energy ready to be used to achieve our desire. The energy generated when we exercise, smile, flirt, listen to up beat music and the desire for sex (not sex itself) is so powerful when used to drive your desire, you will be amazed at the results and positive energy you feel.

Sex energy is responsible for our enthusiasm, passion, and commitment and how we present ourselves to the world. Success and Happiness feeds off this energy. Increasing the Oxytocin level in our brain makes us feel fantastic. Becoming aware of the benefits of transmuting this energy, enables us to achieve the life we dream of, ‘the alchemy of success, turning mediocrity into genius.’ Napoleon Hill

Notice how the ‘Sex Transmutation’ principle follows the ‘Power of the Master Mind’ principle. We cannot produce levels of Oxytocin when we seclude ourselves. We require the physical connection with others to release it. Showing compassion to those in our mastermind is necessary, a mastermind is not always an organised group but husband/wife, mother/child. Remember our light shines more brightly when there are people to shine it off.

Spending too much time alone can lead to depression.

The quickest remedy for depression is to do something for someone else. It is a known fact that it is not possible to give to others without giving to your self.

It is important to note that this very powerful human energy should not be suppressed or it will find more ‘unworthy’ outlets. This principle teaches us the ability to transmute it onto worthy desires to achieve great success and happiness. When a person transmuting this energy to the world walks into the room, you can’t help but notice them. They walk taller, dress with care, have charm and charisma and always smell of perfume. They are energetic and their energy is infectious.


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