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Organised Planning: Manifest Your Ideas


Organised Planning is a stumbling block for many. Most people tend to get stuck on principle image 5, Imagination. For dreams to come true it is essential to create an Organised Plan. This is how ideas begin to manifest. Writing down steps required and committing your idea to paper, you increase the chance of it happening ten fold. The plan becomes a foundation (just like in the image) to your idea/dream, no matter how outrageous and ambitious it may be. Only then can you share the complete picture of your idea with others. No one can see inside your head. When the plans for the Sistine Chapel were first created they must have been overwhelming yet exciting. Blending the minds of Giovanni de Dolce and Michael Angelo’s imagination was a creative force. We would be void of an international treasure had these two men not created their plans, set their goals and found the best people to work with to manifest their creative vision. What are YOU holding back from the world?

 It is essential to:

  • Know who can be part of the mastermind group to bring the plan to fruition.  
  • Use the abilities of others, otherwise you jeopardise the leverage of the idea.

Another very important point that Napoleon Hill shares is the plan should be a ‘… collective creation of yourself and every other member of your Mastermind Group. You may originate your own plans, either in whole or in part, but see that those plans are checked and approved by members of your mastermind alliance.’


If your first plan doesn’t work, create another one! If you hit a wall with your plan, this simply means there was a flaw in the plan, not the idea. Work your way around all blockages. Analyse where problems have come from. Did you create them yourself? How passionate is your ‘Desire’? How committed are you? Could you live without manifesting your idea or dream? If the answer is ‘no’, never let temporary defeat hold you back. Dust yourself off and start again.


Your plan should have a simple broad outline of your vision. It can then be broken down into smaller groups. Each group of the major purpose should have its own goals and achievements set out and amongst each goal there is a ‘to do’ list. Each item on the ‘to do’ list should move you a small step closer to manifesting the grand plan, if it doesn’t, don’t do it!!


Organised Planning should be fun. From your mood board you can then break your vision into the smaller groups. One big board could be the master plan and several smaller boards could be the groups of ideas where you can set your goals and ‘to do’ lists from. 

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