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Happiness Millionaire_Look And Grow RICH_Mastermind_Janet Jones_Napoleon Hill_Think And Grow RichMastermind: Two Minds Are Better Than One

Imagine the knowledge and experience two or more people have. Put that together and it multiplies into more than the sum of its parts. Two or more minds connected in the spirit of harmony fuel the capacity of ‘creative thinking’. Notice how the ‘Mastermind’ principle follows the principle of ‘Persistence’. Only if you keep going will you find your mastermind group to help you grow even further. 

When you belong to or create a mastermind prevents procrastination and encourages progress and achievement. Find yourself amongst like-minded, determined to succeed people and your mind will connect into that spirit of cooperation creating the results you are working towards.

How To Choose Your Mastermind

You are the average of the top 5 people you spend most time with…. choose your mastermind carefully by persisting toward the type of people you want in your group. As humans we gravitate to one another naturally. When we are in a bad place in our lives, without awareness, we gravitate to others in the same negative place and the cooperation of that mastermind may keep us down in a bad place forever. Recognising the power of the mastermind will encourage you to make necessary changes. If life is not heading in the direction you dream of, take a look at those around you. Go back to the principle of ‘Desire’ and ask yourself if the people you are working with are the ones to get you to your ultimate goal.

When we work alone, unemployed or, say, a full time mother/father we don’t have the connection to other energised minds in order to fulfil our spirit. We are at risk of drifting through life. Drifting brings lack of fulfilment and ultimately depression. A life of drifting gives us no meaning or purpose. We are naturally ‘purpose driven’ beings. Without a purpose we look inwards to see what is wrong. I remember when my father was made redundant at the age of 60 suddenly he was alone, away from work colleagues. His family had grown up and he no longer felt needed. He had no one to share a laugh with or to help, other than my mum. His life had been reduced to not caring what time he got up in the morning, not caring what he wore and wondering each day what he would do with his time. He died at the age of 63. Using the mastermind principle in life in general, not just work, makes life much more fun. To live fully we require energy, high energy. That energy comes from connecting with other people.

A friend was telling me about a time when he sat out in his garden at the end of a long day, keeping warm from his campfire and taking in the night’s stars. As he reflected, gazing at the fire, he noticed a log had fallen away. It wasn’t long before this log was no longer burning and radiating heat and light. Pulling his body from the garden chair he pushed the log back onto the main body of the fire and it started to burn once more. For us to radiate our heat and light we need to be a part of a mastermind group who are on fire!!!

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