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Imagination: The creativity in you to let go of limitations…

‘All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. Controlling your imagination will set you free. The imagination is a very powerful part of the mind. Unless you control ‘IT’, it will control you as it creates images of past experiences of both good and bad. Images create emotions in the mind which allow you to see, feel, hear, smell and experience events. The images in our mind are instrumental in our actions as the purpose of the imagination is to drive us to manifest ideas. These ideas can either set us free to the life we desire or trap us with the limitations we give ourselves.


Imagination is stronger than will. No matter how hard you work at being a millionaire, if:

  • Your imagination can only see a small terraced house and an unemployment line, then wealth will always evade you. You will be more likely to do the lottery and hope to be wealthy based on the luck of the draw rather than take action and create your own ‘luck’!
  • You desperately wish to lose weight but your imagination can only visualise the problem of being overweight, then with all the ‘will’ in the world you will wonder why you remain over weight. The imagination needs to create images. Allowing you to feel the extra energy you will have from losing weight. For the ladies, imagine the flowing of summer dresses on a slim body or for the guys the joy of checking out a six-pack in the mirror! Your imagination needs to be fed new images.
  • You are looking for a new future and new experiences, you need to spend time feeding the imagination with new knowledge so that it can go about creating new pictures.


Walt Disney is known for saying ‘My imagination creates all my reality’.  Isn’t that true for everyone? Controlled imagination will give you outcomes you desire and uncontrolled imagination will give you whatever outcome!


Without feeding our imagination the correct imagery for our ‘Desire’, the imagination will remain attached to old images and experiences. When you are aware of your ‘Desire’, by default your imagination will start to create the required imagery. The purpose of the imagination is to move you to action. It helps you ‘see’ the way forward. Now you know your ‘Desire’ and have absolute ‘Faith’ you can achieve it, you are using all the correct language in your mind through ‘Autosuggestion’ and you have gained the ‘Specialised Knowledge’ for your ‘Desire’ then it is time to get to work on your imagination.

Create a mood board and feed your mind with images. See these images every day as repetition is the key.

Daydreaming is NOT a waste of time!! The imagination is the workstation of all invention. Allow your mind to soar to new heights, heights that will frighten you! If your goals don’t scare you, they are not big enough! The problem isn’t that people try and fail, the problem is that people set their goals too low and achieve them! Aim for the stars. What would you do if you could do ANYTHING in the world?

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