How to have great relationships in time for Christmas

by Janet Jones on November 13, 2013

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Love yourself in order to love others fully


1. Be your OWN best friend. Why not buy yourself a gift?
 When we show our self love we can show others more love. This isn’t selfish. If you haven’t already got something, how can you give it away? Love is just the same; you must have it in you to give out before you can receive it. If you want more love you first have to give it.



      Gain knowledge

and seek understanding 




2. Be compassionate. Give others the attention they need during the festivities by being more understanding. We can never walk in someone else’s shoes, so best not to judge. The Christmas Season brings up all kinds of emotions for people and we never know all the details and emotions that someone harbours in their subconscious mind.

The atmosphere both at home and at work becomes more challenging at this time of year. The pressure builds  as we all try to make the festivities perfect, adding extra work onto an already busy schedule. PATIENCE is the key.




Be honest with yourself and take responsibility 


3. Take responsibility for the comments you make and choose your words wisely. Words are all open to interpretation and we have no control over how someone else interprets what we say. Be honest with yourself and others. Were the words that came out of your mouth your true feelings? Honesty is the best policy but if  honesty is likely to hurt someone, perhaps wait until after Christmas and discuss patiently from a heart-centred place, considering the other person’s emotions and feelings before yours. As always, be aware that over 90% of communication is non-verbal. Check if your body language is reflecting your spoken words.

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Have a deep inner belief that all is as it should be



4. Have faith in each other. Most people do not set out to hurt others. Arguments are usually linked to something other than the subject being argued about. The Christmas Season brings up all kinds of memories for people, even if they are not aware of them. Perhaps some of these memories lead to a person not feeling good enough and lacking self-esteem. They are probably trying to right a wrong from childhood. You hear about people who never received a great deal at Christmas as a child and often that person will over indulge their children at this time of year. This is not always the best move for those involved but it is their way of putting the past right. If you disagree with someone, be gentle and seek understanding. As Stephen Covey is famous for saying “first seek to understand, then be understood.”



       You don’t always get what you want




5. Always put others’ needs first, take your mind OFF what YOU want and on what others want. This way you avoid disappointment over gifts because your mind will have been full of how you can help others and what you can give others. You won’t have time to think about yourself so anything you receive is a bonus. Remember other people, husbands, wives, partners are trying their best to buy gifts that bring joy and happiness. Sometimes people get it right and sometimes people get it wrong. It is just the way it is, you get what you get and it has come from someone’s heart, just say a big thank you to the universe that you have enough love in your life that someone cared to buy you a gift.

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          Have fun!!!



Summary – Be patient, be kind, be loving and make sure you put time to one side to share dreams for 2014 and to plan some dreams together. By being forgiving to others and excusing their faults and your own, you are sure to have a great Christmas and New Year together.

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It may be that your relationship is on the brink of a break up. Are you dreading Christmas? Do you constantly ask yourself “should I stay, should I go or should I leave it until after Christmas?”

Whether you are planning a break up or are fearful of what the future holds, please feel free to email me at  We have been getting great results helping couples, either helping them to grow together, realising they have become blind to life or helping people to see that it is time to separate and they separate as friends.

The important thing is to relax and enjoy Christmas.

Janet x


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