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    If you’re currently living with the poverty mindset, and how it affects not only the money in your life, but your relationship with your partner, your confidence, and your belief that things can get better (they can!)

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    Janet’s personal story of frustration, struggle, and lack, and how she shifted to living an abundant, empowered life of success - from the inside out

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    A powerful set of exercises to get clear on what you want in a way that is motivating and inspiring—that starts right where you are

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    The proven thinking, goal-setting, and life-changing process that has helped hundreds of people overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and live the empowered life of their dreams

It has taken me out of a negative frame of mind. It makes me realise that no matter how many knocks I get I can still achieve my goals.


The rock climbing image has been a source of motivation for me.Because of your image and your words, reminding me to keep taking one step at a time and to focus on where I am, I am now a published author.

Thank you Janet

Janita Faulkner

I was a very depressed state of a woman, half of what I am now, in fact less, on the verge of suicide. I’d even attempted it on a few occasions. It helped me find myself and start believing in myself again and now I’m getting my website done for my Business.

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About the author

Janet Jones is the author and founder of Happiness Millionaire Ltd, and motivates and inspires people to live happier and more successfully using the Power of Positive Images.

A leading breakthrough and happiness expert in the UK, Janet has shared her unique approach with audiences internationally, helping thousands to become Happiness Millionaires.

Janet is a Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor. As the creator of the 13 Daily Motivation visual cards for success and happiness, her powerful words and images are featured in the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s publication, The Path to Riches. Janet lives in West Yorkshire, where she spends time enjoying her other passions: her three children and environmentalism.

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