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J.B Hill, Napoleon Hill's Grandson J.B Hill, Napoleon Hill's Grandson, Napoleon Hill Foundation

Happiness Millionaire is a useful tool that shows us how to use images to gain access to the subconscious mind. Janet does a great job of combining her message with her personal story of discovery. It works.

Dr David Hamilton Dr David Hamilton , Author of I heart me and Choice Point

A thoroughly great read written from the heart. An unmistakable guide to happiness.

Dear Friend,

  • Are you intent on making more money, achieving great relationships, and finally reaching your goals, but find yourself constantly catering to everyone else’s needs instead?
  • Do you often know what to do to create a better life, but find yourself struggling to find the confidence and motivation to do it?
  • Deep down, do you sometimes fear that the life you think and dream about is just too far away - that maybe you’ll never actually reach it?

My name is Janet Jones, and my life is a case study in setbacks and struggle. For years I struggled laboring to please my father and everyone else, suffering in an unhealthy relationship, and watching my dreams drift further and further away. I tried to just live with the pain, but little did I know, deep inside of me was a rich potential that wouldn’t be snuffed out.

Fortunately, I was able to turn it around, and today I live an incredible life of fulfillment, abundance, and peace. As the UK’s premier Napoleon Hill instructor, a professional photographer, world traveler, and mum to 3 wonderful children, I now enjoy a life that is far better than I’d ever let myself dream of years ago. What’s more, hundreds of my clients report life-changing results from following the age-old process I’ve put together for getting their life back on track.

This process is detailed in my new book, Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life, and it takes you through specific exercises to get clear on what you want and give you the confidence to achieve it. Clients have backed off of antidepressants, healed their relationships, written their own books, and more with this powerful process. They tell me it’s the process that made them successful, but it was my story that made them believe they could.

My Story - Success or Suicide


October 1994 felt like a meteorite had hit my world when my dad committed suicide. All my life he had been my motivator, largely to prove to him that I was worthy of his love. His death seemed like the greatest rejection and I struggled with this for over six years.

As time went by it felt like I was living two lives, an inner and an outer, and I began to wonder where I belonged and who I was. I was a wife and mother but I had no idea who Janet Jones was anymore. One beautiful day in July 2000, my worlds collided and I could no longer keep the happy family façade going anymore and had a breakdown.  Faced with the decision of suicide or antidepressant pills, I decided to reach out to the doctor. Before I made the call, I was saved by a miracle. The post had arrived and as I picked it up, I was greeted with a bright red piece of direct mail promising that I could ‘breakthrough to an extraordinary and fulfilling life’. These words spoke to my heart and introduced me to age old principles of how to master your thinking. I started to realise that I needed to change if I wanted to change how my life was. I took action and I never did take antidepressants.

I went from a very dark place to hiking to Machu Picchu and becoming a professional photographer, speaker and author. It has been a bumpy ride along the way but every bump was necessary.

Since then I have truthfully shared my story, as I believe the truth is the only way to learn. I have also created images that tell the message of each principle I learned to turn my life around. Creating live workshops, I also helped others, just like you, to aim for their dreams by mastering their thinking just like I did. Women came off antidepressants (with the help of doctors too). People were turning their marriages around and others found the strength to leave marriages that were keeping them trapped. All in all, it is about becoming brave and choosing to live, no matter what. I often wish my dad could have received that piece of direct mail. But then it only works if you are ready for it.

Happiness Millionaire is the tell-all semi-autobiographical book that details the process of transforming your life from the inside out

In the book, I teach the age-old process of getting your life in alignment and balance with what you really want. Most of us think it is our money that we need to get straight, or our business or maybe our relationship. The truth is, it is ourselves we need to get aligned first, and all of the results then come as an effect, when we’re ready for them.

I believe every person has a deep, innate dream inside of them, and it is begging to come true. But without giving ourselves permission to follow that dream, and without the confidence in a process that you know will get you there, we fail. There’s not enough precious inspiration in this world if you don’t know how to find it and create it yourself from the inside.

In Happiness Millionaire, you’ll go through this process of defining your desire, letting go of baggage that continues to haunt you, and freeing yourself to step into a new, better reality. I use examples from my own journey as well as quotes from successful people explaining how they have used the steps. Plus, I’ll take you through 15 powerful exercises to help you get clear on your own journey. Reading this book will take you on deep personal journey with yourself.

A 100 year-old proven success process
+ the modern science of visualization with images
+ exercises tailored to apply this process to your life
= breaking through to permanent momentum
that details the process of transforming your life from the inside out


This book is designed to help you go through an immersive and transformative experience. While it reads like a juicy novel and is entertaining on its own, it really is a book about having your own deep experience. You’ll learn the nearly 100-year old process of creating success from the inside out, get examples from my own journey following these principles, and you’ll get specific exercises and images to help you begin this process for yourself.

Most success books bring together a few good principles and stories and then ask you to take the next step. Unlike other books, the Happiness Millionaire is a complete treatment of the entire success process that has helped millions achieve their dream life, with my personal story and application of the principles weaved throughout. In this book is everything you need to know and do to turn around your life, even if you don’t right now have the faith that you can do it! This isn’t another personal development book to add to your library - it is the only book you will need to create change!

Includes 15 Specific Exercises For Zeroing In 
On Your Dream Life - and Actually Getting There

The exercises in the book are priceless. They create an experience you can have with yourself that is more powerful than you’d get working with a coach or just watching an online training. Each of these exercises is tailor-made to zero in on your life where it is now, and to get clear on where you want it to be. The result of the clarity that comes from these exercises is a focus, inspiration, and determination that can lead you to pursue your dreams without procrastination, self-sabotage, or stopping and starting.

The problem with all of the inspirational things we see so often is that they aren’t what we need right now. We end up dreaming about someone else’s life, someone else’s goals, someone else’s values. If you have listened to seminars and audio tapes before and set goals and failed to follow through, this comprehensive set of exercises will create immense motivation and drive within you—because they come from within you, not without.

Some of the exercises you’ll complete:

  • 3 Steps to become one of the 3 per cent - this exercise details the 3 simple steps it takes to join the top 3% of achievers in life. These 3 steps create momentum and represent the key difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t.
  • Your blue-sky image of your life - in this exercise, you’ll create a crystal clear image of the life you want - something that few people take the time to do. Watch as this image becomes the driving force behind your actions. Where most people focus unwittingly on what the don’t want, you will marvel as what you want begins to show up in your life as you focus on it.
  • Aligning Values - learn how to overcome self-sabotage and inner conflicts so you can sprint towards your dreams without being weighed down and stopped in your tracks by your past, other people’s values, or your own “demons”.
  • My big why - this powerful exercise focuses in on your core motivation. Trust me, if you don’t think you have it, you do - it is just hiding. In fact, it is probably in plain sight, you are just not seeing it. Being deeply in touch with your big why becomes the difference between quitting at the first setback and achieving your dreams no matter what - inevitably.
  • Fear to Faith - this exercise alone is worth the cost of a coaching session! Ever wish you could turn the fear in your life into faith? This simple little exercise will show you how.
  • And many more...

Happiness Millionaire is the tell-all semi-autobiographical book
that details the process of transforming your life from the inside out

Book Bonuses!
When you buy the book you’ll also get instant access to your Book Membership including:

  • My Magnify Your Life Focus audio training (£67 value)

    This audio will show you how to create and maintain deep Focus on what you want, creating miracles in your life.

    Deep down, external distactions only derail us because we have internal distractions – a lack of a clear desire and a deep lack of belief. This shows up eventually as a lack of self-esteem or as obstacles to achieving what you want. You end up seeing only challenges rather than opportunities.

    You’ll learn how our modern world robs us of living a life on purpose – and how instead we get sucked into focusing just on everyday tasks, as our dream life slips away.

    This audio will help you reduce procrastination and fear or frustration when things don’t seem to be happening as fast as you would like – just stay focused!

    Most people get distracted or life is ‘too busy’. Understand what focusing really means and how to do while managing everything else.


  • My Happiness Millionaire Goal-Setting Workshop (£97 value)

    This is a live webinar I ran for a company online – they loved it so much I thought I share it with you.

    The real benefit of setting goals – it’s not just reaching them! It’s who you become.

    How to create such momentum that others and the universe come together to help you

    How to stop playing small in life – we’re not here just to do the dishes everyday!

    How to shed negativity for good and achieve your goals

  • My Vault of Expert Interviews (£33 value)

    Listen in as I interview successful expert manifesters about these principles, including: John Assaraf, Robert Allen, Sharon Lechter, American Model Caprice Bourret, and more!

Did I mention the book only costs £16.99?


What do you get when you combine a 100-year old proven success process with specific exercises to customise your own process?

If you’ve wanted to not just learn the principles of success but use a proven process to start using them in your life and getting results fast, this book is for you. If you are ready to stop playing small, and not face another year of looking back with some regret about your life not being where you want it to be, this is your call!

When you take your own willingness to change and grow and combine it with a powerful success process, the results can be almost magical. If now is the time for you to break through to an extraordinary and fulfilling life, then get the Happiness Millionaire book now!

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

I couldn’t stop reading. The images stay with you and mean so much. I want to use it with my team to inspire them.

Karen Mitton
Karen Mitton Halifax

Having been in the therapy world for 20 years now, I am mostly touched by people being real, and by having gumption. The fact you shared your life experience meant an awful lot to me. I felt in good hands.

Anna Pinkerton
Anna Pinkerton Nottingham

In a world where the greatest commonality among human beings is the yearning for happiness, it is welcoming to find a woman who's mission is to help people do just that.  Sharing her deeply personal story, along with training their mind to work for them, as opposed to against them.  It is a book I will be diving into fully with great excitement on my road to enlightenment!

Susan Rocco
Susan Rocco Women to Watch, USA

Janet Jones is truly the iconic inspiration our world needs! Her book is a work of brilliant art and action. Finally, someone has put to paper all the beliefs and thought provoking introspective exercises to truly bring your dreams to life! This book is not for the light hearted as it takes courage to step out of fear into faith! Get ready for a life changing adventure as Janet guides you to untapped territory that is brimming with love, light and abundance to waken your spirit.

Holly Dowling
Holly Dowling Global Keynote Speaker, USA

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