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Happiness Millionaire_Look And Grow RICH_Faith_Janet Jones_Napoleon Hill_Think And Grow RichFaith: How To Build Confidence And Self-Belief

Applied Faith is the second step to success and happiness by Napoleon Hill and in Look And Grow RICH it is represented by this image.

This image has proven incredibly powerful time and time again. Most people who acknowledge their desire are stopped by Faith, or lack of rather!

You may recognise yourself in the following:

  • “I procrastinate and feel I need more focus
  • “I lack self-confidence
  • “I’m not moving forward or achieving my desire as quickly or easily as I want to be doing”
  • “I keep putting off what I really want to do
  • “I feel guilty going after what I want to achieve

If you can see yourself in the above statements that are heard so very often, then you’ve just identified your biggest challenge. Most people know what they want/desire but don’t believe they can get it or over think it too much by worrying how they’re going to achieve it.

Look at the Faith image and you’ll see it is very certain, serene and calm. It shows confidence yet at the same time vulnerability. The hands are symbolic of religion but represent that the Faith is self-belief and comes from within. It is to be practised everyday and can’t be forced upon or taken away from you because it belongs to you!

When a person has faith and belief within that they can and will attain their desire, they become extremely powerful. Each and everyone has the power to achieve anything. However, if Faith is left un-mastered, it has the power to master us through fear, procrastination, lack of confidence, and going round in circles.

To master Faith you must surrender to it and through constant focus on your desire, backed by a strong emotion (usually from a pain that gives you a drive) and experience you can develop Faith. As Ghandi says “Faith is a state to grow into”, therefore to grow into it you must take action and have experiences from which you knowledge and with knowledge comes confidence.

The constant focus on your desire is your resilience to listen to criticism, fear, or opinions of others that panic you. Faith comes from within and it’s only your attitude and reluctance to give up and reinstating Faith in yourself that your Faith builds. When you are going out of your comfort zone to do this, keep the Faith card with you at ALL times in your pocket to remind you, you are ALWAYS at the right place at the right time and you never get something for nothing.

Life’s a game. Win and you’ll be happy, lose and you’ll be wise… Roll the dice! 

Even at the beginning, you feel silly believing in something you have no idea how you’re going to achieve but without the belief it will next start being pieced together (explained by the Subconscious Mind image). When you say yes to going after your desire and promise yourself to believe in it, the how WILL show up. You don’t need to plan every aspect, the key is to take one step at a time up the Wall Of Desire and with each climb you grow in confidence.

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