Breakthrough To An
Extraordinary And Fulfilling Life

Look And Grow Rich
One-Day Seminar £67
or two for £87

Discover your full potential, find clarity and achieve your heart's desire with Award Winning Trainer, Janet Jones!

Saturday 11th Nov, Britannia Hotel, Manchester

The 6 Essentials To Sustainable Success & Happiness

Clarify your
true Desire

Expert advice to finding what you really Desire, which isn’t always what you think.

Increase your

Learn how to let go of fear and ALL the things that hold you back.

Discover that
‘missing something’

Get the answers you are looking for, to live life on your terms.

Work out your
next step

Specific action planning which helps identify where you are now and where you want to go.


Master powerful Look And Grow Rich images that will keep you on track, lessen stress, doubt and worry.

Make it

Programme positive habit making to move you forward.

"Of all the elements needed to be truly confident and happy, there is only 1 thing you need to master…"

Janet Jones

Hi I’m Janet Jones, known to many as the Happiness Millionaire!
At this Seminar I will introduce you to the starting point of ALL achievement through my famously acclaimed Happiness Millionaire Look And Grow Rich programme.

The programme was inspired by Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich' in the 1930′s but has been created and brought up-to-date for the 21st Century by me.

These ways of increasing confidence and attaining your known/unknown desire will only be found at this Look And Grow Rich Seminar.

Saturday 11th November, Britannia Hotel, Manchester

Inspired And Constructed By World Leaders

J.B. Hill and Terry Gocke
Grand Children of Napoleon Hill

Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group

Tony Robbins
#1 Peak Performance Coach

Robert Allen
America’s Top Millionaire Maker

Sharon Letcher
Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

John Assaraf
The Law of Attraction Expert

Here’s What You’ll Get By Attending The Seminar

How to find your desire

Most people get to a point they feel ‘something is missing’ in their life. Using special thought provoking exercises you'll be able to bring clarity to your desire. Attendees are always shocked at the immediate impact this easy to do technique has on their lives.

The real reason why only 3% of people live life on their terms and how you can join them

You'll be shown how to look deep into your productive thoughts and learn techniques that will put you in control of them forever. At the same time you'll be shown how to cleanse any destructive thoughts that could be holding you back.

The best way to increase your confidence and self-belief

Discover how by taking control of your Visual Cortex you can substantially increase your confidence and achievements.

Provides exclusive training with Janet Jones

Janet is the UK’s leading Napoleon Hill instructor. She's also the World's #1 at teaching this time-tested success system through a scientifically proven learning method. The same method that continues to increase her student's chance of sustainable Success & Happiness for all.

Meet like-minded people

All too often people feel alone in their problems and worries but through many Look And Grow Rich Seminars students have found peace in connecting with others similar to them in our safe learning environment

Leave the Seminar with a Plan-of-Action

Many programs are motivating but leave you just as stuck on Monday morning as you were before. At this Seminar you will walk away with a clearer vision and your next step in place.

“This is the best opportunity to find that ‘missing something’
you are looking for and start an exciting new journey.”

Here’s Just Some Of The Feedback We’ve Had...

"Janet's Look And Grow Rich™ Seminar was a turning point. Not only did I understand Napoleon Hill's work and how it could impact on my life in a simple visual way, I took on board her 21-day challenge which has helped me to change my whole mindset. I laughed and cried and learnt more about myself in a day than I had in the years prior to us meeting. Thank you Janet...I will be eternally grateful."

Angela Pollard, Herbal Life Consultant, UK

"I LOVE Happiness Millionaire’s Look And Grow Rich™ images. I keep the Goal card and Desire card in my pocket with my money at all times which keeps me on track everyday. I have my statement of my ‘Definite Major Purpose’ on the ‘Desire’ card and my 2012 income goal on the Goal Card. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who enjoys daily visuals and personalized affirmations, purchase a set immediately!"

Tom ‘too tall’ Cunningham, Napoleon Hill Instructor, Canada

"I really enjoyed Janet’s Look And Grow Rich One-Day Seminar. The session is very motivational and we all feed off each other. I certainly look forward to the next time we meet. I have already booked myself on a course as a result of these meetings and I look forward to moving forward with my life."

Michelle Butler, Stay at home mum of three, UK

"Happiness Millionaire’s Look And Grow Rich™ images are a uniquely powerful and practical tool that provides all goal achievers with the means to remain focused and harness the essential ingredients for success & happiness. They instantly increase concentration and visualization in order to achieve one’s desired outcome! This simple, yet masterfully designed effective tool accelerates the process of achievement and elevates you to new heights of awareness and ultimately transforms your life!"

Phil R. Taylor, Founder of Goal Achievers International Inc, USA

"The day seminar is great for setting a thought process into an action plan/lifestyle and is validation that with a desire and focus you can achieve what your heart desires"

Amanda Seymour

"These compelling images add clarity and feeling to timeless and fail proof success principles. Janet’s sincerity and passion ensure the audience is both entertained and informed, a great way to embrace change."

Clive Sury, Action Coach, UK

"Using these Look And Grow Rich™ cards has kept me focused on the principles to success. They created powerful memory hooks to a system I know I can rely on and use every day."

Ann Devlin, Utility Warehouse Consultant, UK

"Janet had been an inspirational presenter and leader making me think more positive and have more desire to achieve. The whole day has been wonderful!"

Helen Thewlis, Ramsden Solicitors, UK

"Still Undecided If This Is For You?"

  • Are YOU willing to be Brave and ready for the next step?
  • Do YOU have the right Attitude and an open mind?
  • Would YOU like to develop or increase your Confidence?
  • Are YOU willing to step up to achieve your full potential?
  • Do YOU have the Intention to create a bigger life for yourself?

If YOU do, then I am sure I can help you. Simply click Register below to start the rest of your life.

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Seminar Saturday 11th November

Saturday 11th November, Britannia Hotel, Manchester