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Desire: How To Find And Achieve Your Heart’s Desire:


Desire is the first Look And Grow RICH image which is The Wall Of Desire representing your life purpose and life journey. Think of climbing the wall as a LIFE GOAL! It’s about striving for reaching full potential and designing your life as such that desire to achieve is is an obsession. Having a burning desire is what keeps us alive, fulfilled and constantly growing. Without a true life desire, it leaves people vulnerable to depression, unhappiness and regrets because it is natural to continually grow and develop and strive for more. 

You may be reading this because:

  • You feel unfulfilled and don’t believe you have reached or even begun to reach your potential.
  • You feel lost and not actually even sure what you want to do!
  • Many people, who we work with at Happiness Millionaire, secretly know what they want but situations, beliefs, friends and family’s opinions and various other factors in their life are holding them back.

Desire is the starting point of ALL achievement. If you take a look at the Wall Of Desire image on the left, you will notice that for someone to get on the wall and see the views at the top, they first must have the desire to get on the wall and climb! 97% of people scurry around at the bottom saying ‘One day…’ or ‘I’d love to…’ but never take the action and knowledge needed to achieve this.

The most common mistake people make is thinking desire is something they want to do or own. Do they want to open a bakery? Do they want to live in a 12-bedroom mansion? And when you don’t know what you want to do or how you are going to achieve your ‘desire’… panic strikes!!!

 You see there are 3 steps to achieving true desire:

1)   Your heart’s desire, which is your core and will never change, there are ways to tap into it but either meditation or that but most people we work this is simply ‘To be happy’ or happier and more fulfilled. A billionaire can still be unhappy.

2)   Your long-term desire. This is how or what you will do to live your heart’s desire and is a mixture of skill, experience and passion.

3)   Your goals and deadlines are the steps and action in between to join your heart and long-term desire together.

If you’re struggling to find your true desire and how you can take your next step to fulfillment, there are tools devised at our Seminars and Workshops to help you with this.

Once you find your true desire you open up all the opportunities you need to reach your full potential. How you do this is completely up to you and something we can help you identify.

You see the Wall Of Desire is life’s journey to living your heart’s desire. Can you believe 97% of people spend 90% of their time wondering whether or not to get on the wall? Once you’ve decided to step up, the rest of the system teaches you how to take the journey and climb.


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Happiness Millionaire's Look And Grow RICH Seminar with Janet Jones

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