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After interviewing 25,000 people who failed, Napoleon Hill discovered lack of ‘decision making’ was at the top of the list. Indecision is a decision in itself. It is best to make a bad decision than no decision. Without making a decision you are prone to drifting. A drifter will always be dissatisfied with life, never successful and lacking in fulfilment. In order to feel fulfilled it is essential to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve backed my continual, persistent effort focussing on your desire to obtain success and happiness.


A drifter has no goals. Generally they have lots of ideas, which are, sadly, backed by lots of excuses. Everyone makes excuses but the successful person is aware of this and fights against it. Being successful and achieving the life you want is no walk in the park! Being a drifter IS a walk in the park, which is why drifters make up 97% of the population. They will continue to make the same mistakes, never learning. Only doing what is needed to get by. They may desire a nice home, a car and all the latest technical equipment but is UNAWARE that their decisions are not allowing them to achieve the life they really want.


To achieve success, it is mandatory to have a definite major purpose in life (Desire). A successful person will have a vision and will manage his/her resources, removing fear of lack and poverty, creating a foundation for abundance. A drifter will live in fear due to not having a vision of what he/she wants his/her life to be like. Nature doesn’t like a void. Unless we create our own positive, ‘definite purpose’, vision, nature provides us with one. Often nature’s vision is based on what we see around us and is controlled by outside influences, the recession, the weather, bad relationships, not doing well in school etc. creating a vision of lack.


Making a decision using this system to success that never fails by identifying your ‘Desire’ having the ‘faith’ to go after it, using the right language in your mind through ‘autosuggestion’, gaining the ‘specialised knowledge’ using your ‘imagination’ and creating an ‘organised plan’ will mean the decision made will move you forward to your goal and achievements. This decision may seem risky but you will know in your heart it is right. Making your decision prior to this process may lead to a bad decision or a lucky decision but not a controlled decision. Making your decisions this way can change your life in a heartbeat as it will be a rock solid decision and take you in the direction of your choosing. All you must do now is ‘Persist’!

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