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Happiness Millionaire_Look And Grow RICH_Brain_Janet Jones_Napoleon Hill_Think And Grow RichBrain: How To Avoid Negative People

Our brain is a transmitter and receiver of thought vibrations. For true happiness and success it is essential to understand how your mind affects others and how other people’s minds can raise you up to success or keep success out of reach.


Thought, backed by any emotion vibrates at a much higher frequency. Have you ever walked into a room where someone is angry? Due to the person’s thoughts being backed by the very powerful emotion of anger they transmit these thoughts through the power of the mind to surrounding brains. Regardless of their effort to cover it up, the energy of the thoughts relentlessly transmit. You sense this as you could ‘cut the atmosphere with a knife’. You may wish you had never walked into this situation.


However, thought vibrations backed by the emotions of ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘determination’ and transmitted to other brains, is equally powerful. Whereby thought vibrations from negative emotions make people want to back out of the room, energetic positive thought vibrations are contagious and draw people to you.  Positive thought vibrations spring open the box of creative imagination with one idea sparking off another. The excitement in the room is energising and positive changes occur resulting in the achieved success. It is essential to surround yourself with minds that emulate positive success orientated thought transmissions in order to reach your ‘Burning Desire’.


Negative thought vibrations transmitted and received have a low energy frequency and bring the atmosphere down and kill all thoughts of high ambition and achievement. When things go wrong they are dwelled upon and have the capability of derailing any level of achievement. Low energy thoughts are pretty uninspiring and lead to mediocrity and failure.  

Since you are aiming high can you see how essential it is to:

  • Surround yourself with high achievers? If you have been around the same low energy people all your life and have come up with this brilliant idea that stops you from sleeping and these people are no longer ‘on your wave length’, then to succeed you MUST change the people you surround yourself with.
  • Move away from negative people who are mediocre or worse, failures. If you have surrounded yourself with people like this then they will be mirroring you and your developed behaviour. If you wish to change in order to achieve your desired life, then prepare for a fight with yourself.

Imagination is stronger than will and your imagination will be hooked onto past experiences and will hold a determined image of your reality. You need to create a new reality in order to achieve your desired goal. Be strong. Keep learning and challenging your self every day until you have created a new reality, the reality you have chosen rather than accepted.


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