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Autosuggestion is the language you use to support your desire. The principle of autosuggestion is so powerful it builds on your Faith and confidence resulting in action, or it grows in fear, lowering confidence and resulting on inaction, both through repetition. 

Autosuggestion is the language you use both consciously and unconsciously. By consciously choosing certain language to support your beliefs, it will propel you closer to your desire if this principle is mastered. 

You may recognise yourself below if you:

  • Talk yourself down
  • Talk yourself out of doing something
  • Make excuses
  • Listen to other people saying ‘you can’t’ do something
  • Lack self-confidence
  • Feel negative

If you have received a Happiness Millionaire rubberband (claim yours when you meet Janet in person), these are given out complimentary as a very powerful tool to get rid of the negative self talk we can get ourselves into. In combination with this, use the Autosuggestion image as a reminder when you are doing any of the above, to ask yourself, “Is it supporting my desire?”. If the answer is NO, PING on your rubberband and read on… It is the most powerful tool that will build confidence and enable you to take such action to achieve desire by turning fear into faith. 

For example, look at the Autosuggestion image and imagine the person about to walk over the hot coals. On the other side of the burning hot coals is their burning desire, they want this life so bad it’s painful without reaching their full potential. Would this person cross the coals if he/she told him/herself that the coals were hot, it might scald his/her feet in the process and it could hurt A LOT!!!?

NO!!!! You see, too many people wonder why they don’t have the life they want when most people are standing at the beginning of the coals, talking themselves OUT of crossing them. They let fear control their mind and actions instead of focusing on their desire by having COMPLETE FAITH in each step.

Before any action can be taken, before you can take a step toward your desire, you MUST use the right language in your mind or else hurdles and obstacles will stop you from achieving your desire. Autosuggestion must be understood and practised everyday for the rest of your life so long as you want to keep moving forward. 

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